Private Cooking Classes

We offer private vegetarian cooking classes for groups of 10 or more, in your kitchen or commercial kitchen within feasible distance from Jersey City/Manhattan. Classes can be scheduled any day of the week between 9am – 9pm.

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Prices for private cooking classes for groups of 10 or more start from (2.5hr, 2 dishes) $850, which does not include kitchen rental (if applicable).

Sample menus (most of the dishes can be prepared vegan or gluten free)

  1. Quick and Healthy Dinner
    • Award winning Adzuki bean burger, or chickpea burger
    • Curried Red & White Quinoa Pilaf with Fennel and Kale
    • Red Lentil Soup
    • Vegan Miso Soup
  2. Sweet and Savory Baking
    • Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Fresh  Fruit Tart
    • Sweet and Spicy Roasted Pecans
    • Sweet or Savory Scones
  3. Authentic Southern Indian
    • Idli – Steamed Semolina/Rice Flour pancakes
    • Dosa – Semolina/Rice Flour Crepe with traditional spicy potato filling
    • Uttapam – Pan fried flat semolina pancakes
    • Sambhar – Lentil and vegetable stew
    • Tomato chutney
  4. Modern Indian
    • Spinach, Corn and Goat Cheese Samosas
    • Red Lentil Soup
    • Lentil or Semolina Crepe with Roasted Vegetables
    • Vegetable Brown Rice Pilaf
  5. Healthy Italian
    • Beetroot Ricotta Crostini
    • Pappardelle in Fresh Basil Pesto or Creamy Coconut Mushroom Sauce
    • Polenta Cake with Mushroom Ragout

Other  sample classes include Gluten-Free Meal, No-Bake Deserts, Traditional Indian, Healthy Appetizers, Detox Meals, etc.

For cooking classes and parties in your kitchen, menus can be specifically designed to need. Classes include designed menus and recipe packs for guests. Takeaway spice packs relevant to the recipes can be pre-ordered for the guests for future use.

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