Scallion Pancake with Peanut Coconut Tamarind Chutney

Food is beautiful, cooking helps me relax my mind and is a perfect way to use my creativity. Nowadays I am cooking a lot of gluten free and vegan food as well as using a good balance of spices and fermented food to help make the meal more healing. It has helped my brother a lot to recover from his chronic stomach problems.

This recipe is a twist to a famous South Indian Appa recipe. … 

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Kadhi Soup

Indian Kadhi Soup

This soup is inspired from one of one of the very popular dishes in India, Kadhi. It is generally served with Rice and Indian Pumpkin. The use of fenugreek seeds to the dish is a very traditional way of serving it. Fenugreek seeds adds a beautiful flavor to the dish and the consumption of seeds is very good for numerous health reasons. It not only helps with all the digestion related issues but also with deficiencies. In India we eat fenugreek leaves as one of the vegetables.  The seeds work best when soaked for 10 minutes or toasted. But too much of the seeds can be very bitter and can spoil the recipe.


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Carrot Cheese Balls

Carrot and Cottage/Ricotta Cheese Balls

I wrote about potato, cottage cheese and spinach rolls earlier.  Today I tried a different version when our friend came over for dinner, and the new combination had a very simple but very delightful flavor. Also, this recipe is eggless, and still tastes as good 🙂 . I used Japanese bread crumbs  to give a better texture to this dish, but that can always be replaced with regular bread crumbs…. 

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Asian Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Asian Thai Sweet Chilli Noodles

Hello readers. I have been busy for the past few months with my culinary school and a trip home, but now I am back with some new Asian inspired recipes which I experimented and perfected in this period. One of those is the Asian Thai sweet chilli noodles. The taste of  Thai sweet chilli sauce with peanuts and chili flakes makes everything so delicious.  There are many versions of Thai sweet chilli available in the market, and you can even make your own version at home…. 

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Potato Rolls

Potato, Cottage Cheese and Spinach Rolls

So its been long that I have not really made something fried. Doing a health concious vegan/veg course has changed my way of cooking a lot. But this recipe is very delicious and its a good snack when you have people over. You can always bake it but when fried, Its more crispy and flavourful…. 

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Sekerpare - Semolina Cookies

Cooking Alaturka – Turkish Cooking Classes in Istanbul

The best way to learn authentic style of cooking any cuisine is to learn it in the country where it originates from. This is not always practical, and thus I tend to grab any such opportunity while traveling. On our trip to Turkey, I booked a class for cooking 5 course Turkish dinner at Cooking Alaturka in Istanbul. The school is run by Chef Eveline with the help of Chef Feyzi. Chef Eveline opened the school in 2002, after a long and successful career in food industry, and also runs a small restaurant which serves a fixed four/five course menu…. 

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Choco Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Super yummy choco vanilla cake…I am a big fan of chocolate cakes, but the combination of chocolate and vanilla is something I prefer over chocolate only cakes. This recipe is quite similar to black forest cake base recipe, the only difference being application of chocolate ganache on the top instead of whipped cream and cherries. This cake is light and fluffy, but still has a deep flavor of chocolate in it. It’s by far is one of the easiest recipes of chocolate ganache and a must try!… 

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