About Me

About ShrutiFrom crunching numbers and planning pensions to moving into the colorful world of food, the journey was in fact very smooth for me. In a way I am still dealing with numbers in measurements to balance the nutrition, and working on ways to make the path to retirement and beyond joyful and healthy! This journey changed me from being someone who never cared about what she was eating to a new person who is not over obsessed but mindful about eating. I still eat things that I like, but now I am more careful on balancing my diet. That’s what I want my friends and readers to achieve. If you are looking for healthy, balanced and easy meatless recipes, this is the perfect destination for you.

Health is important, however, overstressing or over thinking about food makes the whole idea futile. My food philosophy is maintaining balanced diet, sourcing locally grown/organic ingredients, cooking with a smile and eating with your loved ones around :). I am always available to talk about food and health (I am known for giving unsolicited advice!). Feel free to talk/write to me about anything and everything related to food. Love your food and enjoy every meal coming your way!

Bon Appetit!