Let’s make a promise

There are many things in my mind which I want to share with everyone. Although I prefer to interact in person, which I believe brings out more warm and meaningful conversations, there are so many things I want to learn and share, that I need additional mediums of interaction. This inspired me to add this journal to my blog. In these posts, I will write about something different related to food each time. This section won’t be about recipes, but about how food can make difference in our lives in so many other ways.

Today I want to write about what I believe the most: ‘How’ and ‘where’ one eats makes equally significant difference as ‘what’, on how much nourishment the body gets. My childhood and things I have learnt from my parents have played a very important role in shaping my life. My mother always says that when you cook, you should think about the best things in your life. The thoughts and the mood you cook with gets converted into energy and flavors the food. One should cook with all the love they have for their loved ones. This is the beauty of home cooked food. I understand that in this fast paced world where our priorities are driven toward career and achievements, eating right becomes one of the last priorities. However, even if one can’t cook at home and eat out or order in, what matters the most then is how one consumes that food. Have you ever thought about how a small meal in a day can make or spoil the day? A lot of times our mind and stomach are not at ease because we started the day with a bad breakfast. But we still choose to ignore it! Why?? Isn’t keeping our body healthy and energetic what we work so hard for?

So let’s make a promise today. We should all follow a few very simple rules in our life. Bringing the food to right temperature before eating, sitting together, taking a deep breath before starting to eat and the most important of all, sharing 5 minutes in the morning eating breakfast with the people we love the most in life!

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on how one should make every meal count!