The House Cafe

Istanbul’s Finest Views 1: The House Café at Ortaköy – Istanbul, Turkey

In my opinion, the best start to a relaxed Sunday is a brunch in an open air seating, preferable with a river or ocean view. One of my favourite brunch places used to be eM by the River when I was in Singapore. I have been missing out on such brunches lately, so during this trip to Turkey, I was determined to have that perfect start to a relaxed Sunday!

While looking for good brunch places in Istanbul, I came across the House Café, which had its oldest branch located in the lane next to our hotel in Teşvikiye. Their menu looked quite tempting, and to my delight, I also found another of their branch in Ortaköy which seemed to have just the perfect setting! A short cab ride later, we were in Ortaköy, already pleased with the choice we made, just by the first look.

The House Café in Ortaköy is situated right below their own hotel: The House Hotel. They have both an indoor seating, and a much more appealing outdoor seating next to the Bosphorus river, with an inviting cool and fresh breeze. After a very brief wait, we made our way to a table set for two. Soon we were handed over the large 2-side menus, which changes seasonally, we learnt. Even the 2 page menu was quite extensive, and had ample vegetarian choices and the whole range of egg preparations. We contemplated for long between breakfast casseroles, omelette, pancakes, vegetable samosas and spaghetti (yes I can eat spaghetti any time of the day!), and finally pinned down on an omelette, vegetable samosas and water melon juice. The food prices looked reasonable, but the beverage and juice prices topped even some good restaurants in NY.

The House Cafe

We were served with some bread while we waited, but were not offered any olive oil or butter with it, which is a shame. The breads also didn’t seem to be freshly baked, so we decided to just wait for our order. The dishes we ordered didn’t disappoint us thankfully. The samosas were crisp and the tamarind dip served with it was quite amazing (thinned down version of Indian chutney with vinegar). Omelette was also made well, just the way I like it and the watermelon juice was quite refreshing. We took our time to enjoy the meal in the perfect setting, and it was indeed the perfect start to a Sunday!

The House Cafe  The House Cafe